Donghae, Heechul, and Yunho mark their 10-year friendship with a photo

Super Junior’s Heechul and Donghae posed with TVXQ’s Yunho for a snapshot commemorating their 10-year friendship.
On August 12th, Kim Heechul tweeted, “It’s been 10 years as Heerobbong, Yurobbong, and Dorobbong. Why did you nickname me Heerobbong so I can’t even talk about our episodes on broadcasts, Yunho?“.
In the attached picture, Heechul is seen posing charismatically with labelmates Donghae and Yunho. While the picture of the three friends is certainly charismatic, many fans raised an eyebrow over Heechul’s nickname because ‘Heerobbong’ is a Korean term for ‘methamphetamines’.
Netizens who saw the picture commented, “Heerobbong? It sounds a bit wrong …“, “Handsome people befriend each other“, and “The three of you match well“.
Source + Photo: Xports News via Nate