Sandara Park reveals “D-8″ picture for 2NE1’s ‘Nolza’ concert

2NE1’s Sandara Park shared a picture of herself looking very worn out from rehearsals.
On August 18th, Sandara uploaded the above photo onto her me2DAY and wrote, “Homeless Dal-ong passed out on the floor after being worn out from practice. Concert D-8. Everyone fighting”
Sandara is seen literally passed out on the practice room floor, lying on top of some sheets of paper. Hilariously, she shows that even in her exhausted state, she can only think about 2NE1, as seen by the ‘21′ hand-sign she makes for the camera.
Netizens wrote, “Practice while taking care of your health”, “Have strength”, “Let’s have fun at the concert”, and “Where is there a homeless person like this?”
2NE1 will be holding their first solo concert, “NOLZA“, from the 26th to the 28th.
Source: Money Today via Nate