B2ST cancels activities in Japan and returns to Korea due to visa issues

Cube Entertainment has just revealed to allkpop that B2ST was unable to enter Japan due to problems with their visas. Consequently, their upcoming promotions have been canceled and they’ve returned to Korea.
On the morning of August 16th, B2ST arrived at Japan’s Haneda Airport. However, they couldn’t pass through customs and were put on standby for over eight hours. Afterwards, they cleared their planned schedules and boarded a plane back to Korea at 8:00.
A representative from Cube Entertainment stated, Universal Music (B2ST’s Japanese label) is responsible for the distribution of B2ST’s music in Japan. We definitely corresponded with them about the schedule and visa matters. We were even informed in advance that there were no problems.”
Originally, B2ST was going to promote their first album ‘SO BEAST’, which was fully released in Japan on the 10th, before returning to Korea.
B2ST was also going to participate in a surprise event and attend the premiere of Hollywood blockbuster “Shanghai“ since the movie was using their song “Fiction“ in its promotions.
Cube Entertainment said, “Regarding the standby situation at the airport, we are currently asking the Japanese label about the exact problem and trying to understand the details. From now on, we promise thorough preparations to prevent future problems in B2ST’s Japanese activities.”