Dana shows her support for Kim Minji

The Grace’s Dana meets with Kim Minji from tvN Korea’s Got Talent‘.
On August 18th, Dana tweeted a picture of her friendly posing with Kim Minji before appearing on Mnet M Countdown‘ at CJE&M Center along with words of support garnering much interest.
It was announced that Dana was a long-term fan of Kim Minji and had watched her perform since her audition. Dana also found out that Kim Minji was also her fan and was delighted to meet her.
Dana and Minji bonded quickly even though it was their first meeting. The two even sang together, harmonizing beautifully.
Due to Dana’s busy schedule, their meet was short; but Dana gave Minji a word of advice and promised, “Practice hard but don’t wear yourself out. On Saturday, I’ll go to the last live finale and cheer you on in person” and even gave Minji her phone number.
Kim Minji commented, “Meeting Dana unni seemed like a dream. It was really fun and now that I know Dana unni is rooting for me, I have to work harder and put on the best performance“.
Source & Photo : TV Daily