TEEN TOP to become a 13 member group?

T.O.P. Media has stepped up to address the rumors that said TEEN TOP would be reorganized into a 13-member group with the addition of seven more members.
On August 26th, representatives spoke through TV Report and explained the misunderstanding, “TEEN TOP is not being reorganized into a 13-member group as what was being said in the media earlier. They (TEEN TOP + new group) will promote briefly as a project group at the end of this year. The seven members that will be promoting with TEEN TOP have trained for an average of two years. Once they complete their promotions with TEEN TOP, they will prepare to debut as a new group on their own.”
They continued, “We have yet to finalize any concepts for the project group, as we are still in the midst of planning the roadmap for them.”
Source + Photos: TV Report via Nate