Check out After School & 2PM’s Junho cameo in “White: Cursed Melody”

Earlier this year, we revealed that 2PM’s Junho and girl group After School would be making cameo appearances in the horror flick, ‘White: Cursed Melody’, which stars T-ara’s Eunjung.
Junho and After School are friends with the production team, and so as a special favor to them, the idols made cameo appearances in the film.
In the movie, Junho appears as a popular star idolized by every girl group. He emcees for an idol-only program called ‘Challenge, Survival’, as well as for the music program, ‘Music Fever‘. Meanwhile, After School performed their hit song ‘Bang’, but as the fictional girl group ‘Pure‘.
A short snippet of their cameo was recently uploaded online, so check it out below!