B2ST’s Junhyung tweets a photo of a topless Yoseob in bed

B2ST’s Junhyung recently tweeted a photo of fellow member Yoseob that has excited fans everywhere. Along with the photo he wrote, “Resident of the second floor, Yang Yoseob. Breathtaking backside.”
Though Yoseob is mostly covered by a blanket, he is laying topless in his bed while browsing through some fan cafes.
He commented on Junhyung’s picture, “You’re officially crazy. This is… come on, this is too revealing,” to which Junhyung replied, “You’re not that great.” Yoseob got his last word, leaving the argument with, “Back at you.”
Netizens commented, “My heart is beating faster. The breathtaking backside really is taking my breath away” and “I’m getting nervous even though he’s covered up.”
B2ST will be participating in ‘Musiclympic – The One’ concert to be held August 30th to promote environmental friendliness.
Source & Photo: Asia Today