G.NA delays comeback due to 3D filming for her music video

Cube Entertainment has just revealed that G.NA will delay the release of her second mini-album.
A representative from Cube Entertainment stated to allkpop, “The music video is a large-scale production, and it required a lot of additional filming due to the 3D camerawork that was involved. Also, we are pouring out our efforts to perfect the music quality as well, in addition to perfecting the music video and pictorials for G.NA’s second mini-album.
Anticipation for G.NA’s comeback has been growing ever since her teaser photos were released, and so this recent update may come as a bit of a disappointment to some fans.
However, G.NA promises that her mini-album will be well worth the wait. She said, “I wanted to make my comeback soon with a new look, but I think I might meet everyone a bit later than expected because of the music video. I will prepare and showcase a more solid performance to make it up to my fans.
The mini-album will be available for purchase online and offline starting on August 23rd, a week after the originally planned release date of August 16th.
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