Thunder to reveal two self-composed songs at MBLAQ’s concert

Thunder has revealed that he will be unveiling two self-composed songs at MBLAQ’s upcoming concert this month.
According to a representative, Thunder will be providing a special present for his fans on August 20th. The surprise was previously hinted by Mir through a message on Twitter that read, “A few new songs will be revealed for the first time at the concert…”
Thunder has been working in secrecy for this special surprise. He said, “I’m preparing a total of two songs for my fans. One is a dance track, so I hope everyone looks forward to it.  You’ll be able to check further details at the concert.”
Thunder previously showed off his composing skills on MBLAQ’s ‘BLAQ Style – 3D Edition‘ through the fourth track, “You“.  MBLAQ has consistently included self-composed songs in their special edition albums, but rarely performed them on stage, making this concert all that more special.
MBLAQ also revealed that they will be revealing fun spoilers like this up til the day of the concert on the 20th.
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Source + Photos: Newsen