Super Junior’s Heechul celebrates Kim Kibum’s birthday

On August 21st, Super Junior’s Heechul celebrated fellow member Kim Kibum’s birthday and updated fans on his whereabouts.
Writing through his Twitter, Heechul said, “With Kim Kibum. We are celebrating his birthday with just the two of us. There aren’t any pretty girls. We also both hate sweet things so there’s no cake either, keke.”
Kim Kibum retweeted Heechul’s tweet, and added, “A very impressive birthday party.”
Although it may seem like a simple picture to most, the post is especially endearing to fans since Kim Kibum hasn’t participated in Super Junior’s activities for a while.
He withdrew from the music limelight after their third album, “Sorry Sorry“, in order to better focus on his acting career. Although there have been updates on his whereabouts, they were few and far in between, making Heechul’s post all that more special.
Netizens commented, “Kibum oppa is alive! I was curious!”, “Happy birthday!”, “You guys look like brothers!”, and “Such a welcoming sight, we hope to see you on TV again soon!”
Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate