Wardrobe Battle Royale: 2NE1 vs. 4minute

2NE1 and 4minute are both known for being stylish girl groups, and they’ve been caught in the same Jeremy Scott pieces!
To begin, Dara was seen in a red top with ‘For Rent’ scrawled across the front for 2NE1’s comeback performance of “Hate You” on SBS’s ‘Inkigayo‘. The same top was seen on 4minute’s HyunA during a ‘Heart to Heart‘ performance on both KBS’s ‘Music Bank‘ and ‘Open Concert‘.

During the same performances, 2NE1’s CL was seen in a red ‘Trash’ cropped top, which was also seen on 4minute’s Jihyun. While Jihyun opted for black heels and a zippered black leather skirt (seen on the runway), CL chose a shorter cow-print skirt, black tights, and black sneakers.
So, who wore these pieces best?

It’s hard to decide the clear winner between Dara and HyunA, as both girls rocked the piece. I love the way HyunA’s hairstyle, white skirt, and white heels brings a sense of softness to the red top, which isn’t common for Jeremy Scott’s bold pieces. I also love that Dara’s hair, which is usually in some crazy hairstyle, is natural and flowing, giving her a feminine glow. With her black skirt, slashed leggings, spiky bracelets, and white sneakers, the outfit delivers the kind of edginess 2NE1 is known for.
Since both girls brought excellent interpretations to the piece, I’ll have to say it’s a tie between Dara and HyunA.
As for CL and Jihyun, I slightly prefer CL’s look. I’m not really fond of Jihyun’s half-zipped skirt. Since the red top already had a jagged edge at the bottom, the half-open skirt makes it seem like there’s too much going on. Your eyes can’t seem to rest on the outfit as a whole; the shirt’s edges draw attention to Jihyun’s belly, while at the same time, the deliberate gap in the skirt diverts it to her legs, resulting in a game of see-saw between the two pieces.
CL’s skirt is a better length and her black sneakers give her a street-style edge that matches better with the concept of the shirt.

As previously mentioned, both the ‘For Rent’ and ‘Trash’ tops were made by Jeremy Scott. These, along with the rest of his spring 2011 collection, alluded to common signs found in New York City.
Who do you think won this round of Wardrobe Battle Royale? Toss us your thoughts below!
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