Cube Entertainment CEO Hong Seung Sung to release a book on hope

Cube Entertainment’s CEO, Hong Seung Sung, has revealed that he will be releasing an essay book containing messages of hope for the youth.
Titled “There Will Be No Spotlight If You Stop Now“, the book will share in-depth stories about the singers who are now in top positions in order to give insight into how they achieved their dreams. There’s no better man than CEO Hong for the job, as he’s raised countless of ‘fallen idols’ into top stars today.
Fans will be able to come away with life lessons from stars like HyunA, who had suffered from hateful rumors after her withdrawal from the Wonder Girls, Yoseob, who spent nights sleeping in the training room, and Junhyung, who held onto this new chance as if it was his last.

Fans will also be surprised to hear that 2AM had nearly debuted under the care of CEO Hong, which explains Jo Kwon’s words of strong affection for the CEO in later pages.
Encouraging lines like, “Remember that you can always earn as much as you love”, “Be strong in your foundation”, “Win with your passion if you are lacking skills”, and “Second chances will always come” can be found throughout the pages to give young teens the inspiration to foster their dreams.
The book will become available starting August 23rd.
Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver