MBLAQ’s Thunder gets protective of his ’son’

2NE1’s Sandara Park recently met up with her younger brother, MBLAQ’s Thunder, and gave a cute update about his ’son’, Dadoong.
On August 7th, Sandara wrote through her me2day, “OMG Dadoong is kissing another cat in front of Papa Thunder? Papa Thunder’s efforts to protect Dadoong doesn’t seem to be helping much.”
Dara explained that “We went to the pet shop together!!!“, and was amused by how her younger brother was giving the other cat some cut-eye when it tried to kiss his baby. Thunder can be see holding onto his pet protectively, as the other cat tries to draw near.
Fans responded, “The way Thunder is holding his cat looks so adorable” and “Both Thunder and Dadoong are cute“.
Seems like ‘Aunt Sandara’ is warming up to her role quite nicely!