MBLAQ’s Thunder is the “real Mona Lisa”

On April 14th, the ‘Superstar KBS’ corner of KBS’s ‘Gag Concert‘ featured a special trot parody of MBLAQ’s latest hit, “Mona Lisa“.
The ‘Bbong Brothers’ (Kim Jae Wook, Lee Sang Ho, and others) began dancing to “Mona Lisa” while singing a trot version of it before four members of MBLAQ emerged on stage to join them. After showing off their variety skills to their full extent, the corner looked as if it were coming to a close – that is, until Kim Jae Wook belted out, “Now the real Mona Lisa will come out!”
Then out came member Thunder in a long wig and no eyebrows, making a perfect transformation into ‘the real Mona Lisa’. Shocked audience members burst out laughing while Thunder put on his own comedic dance show.
Kim Jae Wook praised, “MBLAQ’s ‘Mona Lisa’ is so popular lately.  It’s true, all I have to sing is one line and everyone else already knows what comes next.” On the spot, he sang a line and turned the mic over to an audience member, only to be met hilarious with silence.

Source + Photos: W Star News via Nate