Nichkhun receives 0 votes on ‘Dream Team’

2PM’s Nichkhun received a ‘0 vote’ embarrassment!
Through KBS ‘Dream Team’, aired on July 31st, 2PM had a competition with ‘Dream Team’ members.  Before the competition, Junho and Nichkhun we asked to form partners with one of their fans. However, most of the fans chose Junho as their partner, leaving Nichkhun partner-less with no votes of interest.
Nichkhun later chose a student, but she stated that she was Wooyoung’s fan. She stated that she was not too happy being partnered with Nichkhun, leaving Nichkhun lost for words.
Netizens commented, “It’s because he is a married man.”, “An embarrassment for the Thai prince Nichkhun.”, and “Did you guys not choose him because you are afraid of Victoria?”