TVXQ to release a Japanese album next month

After two long years, TVXQ have announced that they’ll be releasing a new Japanese album.
On July 30th, the duo attended the “a-Nation 10th Anniversary for Life Charge & Weider in Jelly” concert. As soon as they appeared on stage, they were greeted by enthusiastic cheers from 20,000 fans, who welcomed their return.
Dominating the stage with their characteristic charm and dance moves, TVXQ made a triumphant return to the concert series and captured the hearts of their audience.
Two important announcements were also made, one of which included plans for their next album. Yunho revealed, “We’re sorry for having made you wait. TVXQ have returned for the first time in a while to ‘a-Nation’. We have important news – our album release date has been finalized for September 28th.”
Changmin continued, “We’re working hard on our preparations, so please look forward to it. Starting January, we’ll also be going on a Japanese tour. We’ll slowly be broadening our Japanese promotional activities, so please give us your support.”
Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate