f(x)’s Krystal, “While practicing, I almost killed my figure skating partner”

On SBS’s “Strong Heart”, f(x)’s Krystal revealed a shocking story about how she almost killed her figure skating partner, Lee Dong Hun, while practicing for “Kiss & Cry.”
Krystal stated, “While practicing, my partner could’ve been killed.”
She elaborated, “For the lift, there is a technique in which the guy lifts the girl up and turns her. It’s called a Necklace Lift and you have to close one leg around the partner’s neck and body to turn around. While practicing for this maneuver, the blade of my skate came across his neck.
The blade is as sharp as some knives, but my partner luckily felt the blade as it crossed over and immediately avoided it, preventing a disaster. If I had applied just a bit of pressure, it would have been a horrible accident.”
In response to the news of this accident, Lee Dong Hun only stated, “As a reflex, my neck avoided it.”
When addressed with the topic of the partners’ disagreement, Krystal said, “That really happened because we have a good and comfortable relationship, but no one wants to believe that.”
Hopefully, no injuries occur during their next practices as they continue to bring out excellent performances!
Source & Photo: Financial News via Naver