Yuri reveals cute selcas

Yuri revealed a set of 4 selcas recently.
On August 1st, a post with the attached selcas entitled ‘Yuri, the goddess with pictorial-like selcas’ was published on an online community board.
In the photos, Yuri with her brown, wavy hair and ribbon hair band, carved a lovely smile on her beautiful face as she closed her eyes, pouted and did various cute poses in front of the camera. Netizens were particularly attracted by her cute facial expressions on top of her skin complexion and wavy hairstyle.
Netizens who saw the selcas commented, “She’s really lovely”, “She looks sexy with the cute ribbon hair band”, “Here comes Goddess Yuri!”, “She shines brightly”, etc.
Credit: starnnews.com
Translated by www.fanwonder.com