2NE1 continues to dominate YouTube

2NE1’s new song “Ugly” has climbed to the #1 spot on YouTube’s weekly and monthly favorites. This feat means that the girls have stolen the spotlight from many other artists all over the world, and have done so for more than just a day!
Ugly” was released on YouTube on July 27th and it reached almost 3 million views in a matter of a day. The video also placed 3rd in ‘most commented’ with almost 30k comments.
YG Entertainment commented, “While “Hate You” reached about 7 million views, “Ugly” is also getting a similar amount of interest.” They added, “The reaction from international fans was so immediate and so hot that it surprised the 2NE1 members as well“.
2NE1 released their second mini-album on July 28th.
Source & Photo: Naver News