2PM AnAn August Issue

Jpn-Kor: 진굴(구 진로) @whattimeisit | Kor-Eng: Egle @2pmalways | Scanned by Yooko_11

I’m a real romantic when in love. Concentrating on love only!

Junsu has a disposition of an artist, but is not a chatterbox. Instead, every word that leaves his mouth is embedded with his aesthetics and delicacy.

“I’m learning Japanese for an hour every day. I also study it from the songs of Japanese artists that I like. I’m checking up to underground bands. I was really glad that we were able to do a tour in Japan and got an opportunity to let people know more about us.”

Junsu is also responsible for composing in 2PM.
He’s also secretly making plans for the day when he will receive some vacation time amidst their busy schedule.

“I want to visit Switzerland which I’ve only seen in pictures ever since I was a little kid. I really wish to see it, because it’s such a beautiful country. Since I don’t have an opportunity to spend a lot of time with my family, I wish to have a family trip to Switzerland.”

Not… with your loved one?

“If I had a girlfriend, it would be great to have a more affordable date plan. Like climbing up the mountains, or simply going to watch a movie. There’s a restaurant in Korea which is famous for engraved couple names on its wall. I would also like to do something like that with an important person in that place. Am I romantic? Well, that could also be… Haha.”

(Among the members, he really likes beautiful things. Favorite meal in Japan: “Tsukemen is really good! I tried it on our day off.”)

I can’t speak in front of a person I like. I’m a little bit slow.

Sweet-faced Nichkhun also has a mild and docile nature.
Even when he is a real beast on stage, he still reminds of a cream-sweet man?!

“We moved to a new dorm and now all of us have a room each. My room has a cozy interior… and I like aroma oils. Because once you enter the room it calms you down and you can relax immediately. Right now I would really like to have an antique-style wood-like stereo. The interior would be complete if I had it.”

He is thought to be a very popular prince-like guy, but in fact Nichkhun is slightly slow-witted.

“I can’t really talk in front of a woman I like. Since I can’t express myself well in words, I’m trying to treat her with sincerity. In Korea it is considered something close to a passionate confession, but in my case it is an exception. Ha ha.”

Nichkhun is still struggling with his Japanese, but the recent visit in Japan this spring was a great stimulus for him.

“Japanese are very sweet. They treated us as great artists, cared for us, so I want to improve a lot in order to meet the expectations. From now on our motto in Japanese is “effort”!”

(The country he wants to visit now is: “USA. I want to try out a road trip.”)

When you like someone there’s no need for words. You communicate with your hearts.

He’s fluent in English, because he grew up in the United States. Combining wild appearance and sharp intelligence – Taecyeon, the perfect boy with an honest and passionate character!

“The Japanese tour we had in May was a very fresh experience, because it was our first time performing in Live House. We had stood on big stages many times, with this “We’ll show you” feeling. But this time it was great to enjoy everything together with the fans.
I also think that our new song “Take Off” also allows enjoying a different side of us.
However, with our new single “I’m Your Man” which is going to be released on the 17th of August; we’re going to demonstrate our Beastly Idol appearance once again.
I guess it is going to showcase a stronger and more masculine image…”

That powerful and masculine appearance doesn’t change even when you are in love?

“Isn’t honesty the most important thing in any situation?
For example, I think that it is possible to convey your true feelings to a person you like even with such words as “Let’s have a meal together”.
So I don’t say straight-forward “I like you”. Even so it probably might be good to be the type of person who can say the “magic word” to a woman, haha.
I would prefer a quiet place for a date. I really liked the Okinawa seaside that we visited recently, so I would like to visit it one day with a person important to me.”

(He’s like the elder brother who leads the members. He’s also popular as an actor. He’s also becoming increasingly good in Japanese. Most recently learnt phrase “Killing two birds with one stone” 一石二鳥 – issekinichou. Good at cooking)

I like Japanese food and onsen! Let’s go together.

Very sociable and keeps on making members laugh with his funny personality. Wooyoung – the person who keeps 2PM’s spirits up.

“Our Japan Tour started in Sapporo and went down all the way to Tokyo. I’m thinking a lot now that perhaps we could’ve done better.
I want to show a lot better performances for you next time after having trained hard. Ah, also I had a lot of delicious meals.
I was very surprised by Nagoya’s hitsumabushi. We have eel in Korea as well, but to think there would be that kind of way to eat it!”

It seems like you had some free time in Tokyo, did you enjoy it?

“I went shopping in Harajuku! Also, Chansung and I went to onsen in one of Tokyo’s suburbs.
It was my first time in an open-air hot spring bath, and I really liked this cool sensation on my face while my body was kept warm. It was amazing.”

Since Wooyoung is thoroughly accommodating and service-minded, it feels like he would prepare a very entertaining date for his girlfriend… his dreams have grown bigger!

“Well, will you go to onsen together? Privately. Haha. It’s not only for work; I want to be a man who takes seriously everything – from having fun to loving someone.
Because I think that makes someone an admirable man, who can live his life with no regrets.”

I want to fly into the future with the Japanese fans. My dream is the arena.

The 2nd youngest in 2PM, Junho is still only 21 years old.
He’s all restless while listening carefully as the other members are weaving philosophies on love.

“Everyone is talking well… The technique which allows you to win woman’s heart? I want to know it too. Please teach me! I might be a passive guy too. I guess I would allow the woman to lead me if I were to start a love li…”

Although the true love is still far away, he’s very passionate about his work. He has a pride which cannot be defeated by anyone.

“There was a message in “Take off” which was released in May, saying “Let’s fly towards our future”. I want to express a strong will to move along together with the Japanese fans. Since I already know how fun it is to perform in Live House during the Zepp Tour, I want to try out the Arena Tour next time!
Personally, I also want to try and appear in Japanese CF. As for the language, I’m learning it.”

Then what about your room’s interior in your dorm?

“There’s a bed in the middle of it. So I could lie down on it from any angle when I’m sleepy. Haha. But I’ve also begun working towards mature interior like Junsu-hyung or Khun-hyung…”

(If he were to go on a trip: “I want to visit Okinawa once more. I would like to sleep in a room matted with traditional tatami mats!”)

I want to be a man who can easily feel the mood of the person in front of him.

Chansung is known for being good in Taekwondo.
With muscles which are trained as well as that of a professional sportsman, he’s the symbol of Beastly idols.

“I liked singing ever since I was a little kid, but I couldn’t even imagine that I would become a singer some day. Even during my audition, instead of singing, I showed my kendo skills, haha. Rather than evaluating my ability to sing, I think they took into consideration the possibility of developing it.”

Even though he is the youngest in 2PM, with his smart discipline and caring character, he’s already a mature gentleman. So how does Chansung imagine a “good man”?

“It’s a hard question. Aren’t I a man who doesn’t put himself forward and tries to fully understand the person next to him? I also would like to become a man who can easily understand the moods of a person he loves during the time we spend together.
Since it’s a bit embarrassing to talk about things straightforward… however, if I see that the other person is getting nervous, then I would definitely tell everything straight.”

You’re very busy with preparing for another single release in August, but what would you do if you had some free time?

“I would like to go backpacking in France. I’m dreaming of relaxing in a place where nobody recognizes me.”

(Among the recently learned Japanese words he likes “fluttery/airy” (ふわふわ~ fuwafuwa).
“When we ate takoyaki in Okinawa, the katsuobushi (dried tuna) was very airy, haha.”)