Hands Up Thanks To - Nichkhun

Thank you Daddy, Mommy, Channie, Nin, and Cherleen. Bann Ne Family, Pa Aud, P’Bee + P’Por, the Peach, Bossssss~~~
You guys are all family! Thank you for loving me. I love YOU too!!!

Jinyoung hyung, Jimmy president, Byun vice president, Jo director~ Namyoung hyung, Hwayoung nuna, Hoongyu hyung, Song Yumi teacher, creative team Byungki hyung, Bongwon hyung, Hana nuna, Yoohee nuna, Junsu hyung, Sungjin hyung, Hyein nuna, publishing Jooyoung nuna, Jisang hyung, Jongsoo hyung, Eunji nuna, Changdae hyung, Tommy, Ms Eunsoo, Mr woomin, Artist Team1 Noh team leader, Younggeol hyung, Juseob hyung, Eunok nuna, Yoonjoo nuna, Rayoung nuna, Jinchul hyung, Minjae hyung, Yonggwan hyung, Taegon hyung, Youngil hyung, Seoyoon nuna, Artist Team2 Heewon nuna, Sunghee nuna, Sanghee nuna, Soohyun hyung, Haejoon hyung, Jooyeon nuna, image team Namdon hyung, Jonggyu hyung, Myunghwa nuna, Jungmin nuna, business team Jaeho hyung, Chungeun hyung, Soojung nuna, Seulgi hyung, management support team Jang team leader, Hyojung nuna, Youngjoo nuna, Jungeun nuna, Eunkyung nuna Jaeseo hyung, Myunghan hyung, rookie development team Jangyoung nuna, Jungu hyung, Ms Hyunkyung, Ms Narae, Ms Jungeun, Ms Sieun, Jihyung nuna, Gijae hyung, AQ Boram hyung, Jaeho hyung, Sunmi nuna, Haeeun nuna, Jungil hyung, JYPUSA Wooseok hyung, Jinyoung hyung, Myungsoo hyung, Ms Hyowoon, Jaein nuna! JYP CHINA Chulhoon hyung, Mr Ilgeum, Yoomyo hyung, Mr Jangyeon JYP JAPAN Jieun nuna, Ms Kyunghee, YASU san.

TEO’s Jeonho hyung, Sangyeob hyung, Designer Minseob nuna, Jo Soohyun supervisor, Hair & makeup team’s Hyungsim nuna, Youngho nuna, Myungok nuna, Ara nuna, Hana nuna, Ms Jiyeon, wardrobe team’s Yoora leader, Sooyeon nuna, Heewon nuna, Mr Woojin, Ms Yujin, Ms Ji-in, Style floor’s Lim Jinok director, the staff, lodging managing aunt, thank you!

P’Vit, P’Kong, P’Ta, P’Daeng, P’Bee, P’jom, P’Gee, and all the staffs in Thailand. Thank you all Cub!
Kazuyuki Kobayashi san, Karube san, Fujiwara san, Isshi san, Ken san, Hayashi san, Endo san, Kasai san, Namgoong nuna, Kyungwook hyung, Izumi san, Kumi san, Ichikawa san, Igarashi san, Watanabe san, Tanigawa san, Hasegawa san, Jyoohdai nuna, Ito goei san, Bodyspace Seonreung + Bodyspace Chun Hodong, Jinho hyung, Sujin nuna, Junho hyung, Taeoh hyung, trainer hyungs, JYP NATION 2AM, Wonder Girls, Joo, San E hyung, Miss A, let’s all do well!!

Jae Youngjae PD, Yoonjung nuna, Suji nuna, Jungmi nuna, Narae nuna, and WGM staff, Ms Victoria also thank you for always taking care of me! SBK you guys are always on my mind, Ian Shin, Chani, Sean Donghui, OneWay Mike hyung we gotta hang out soon!

Hottest everyone! This time let’s all play like crazy! Thank you for always supporting us so well! Everyone be healthy and become rich!
Thank you all for being in my life!

Scan by neru @ W2D
Translated by mcheller @ W2D