"Heartstrings" Jeong Yong-hwa declares abandonment

Jeong Yong-hwa declared that he gave up on the love he couldn't have to So I-hyeon.
On the 6th episode of MBC drama "Heartstrings", Lee Sin (Jeong Yong-hwa) witnessed Han Seok-hyeon (Song Chang-ee) and Yoon-soo (So I-hyeon) getting back together and declared he will give up on her.
With a fallen voice, Lee Sin met with Yoon-soo the next day and asked, "What is it about him that you like? Ability? Looks?" He tried to deny reality but then she asked, "Then what is it about me that you like".
He answered that he liked everything about her and Yoon-soo also replied that she loved everything about Seok-hyeon and that she was happy with him. Despite the fact that he still had feelings for her he decided to give her up and stray.
Meanwhile, Gyoo-won felt pain at the way Lee Sin was.
Source : NATE
Translated by: Hancinema.net