Interview of CNBLUE in K Boom Magazine (June Issue)

The release of Guerilla Live Album for celebration is done !!
There were more than 1000 people gathered at Guerilla Concert that held an album release day. More than 500 people had been waiting at the venue for a few ours before the concert began. Holding this Guerilla Concert is a big dream for all members. They held showcase for the first album “First Step”, Yonghwa said “before we made our debut in Korea, we had already done many street live performance in Japan. Now, I feel touched since we can performance in front of many people like this. From now on, we’ll work even harder, without forgeting our original intention”.
The news about their Guerilla Concert had already been spreaded everywhere, a week before the concert day. on that day. they didn’t mind the cold weather, many fans had aready queued up outside the venue since afternoon. At around 5PM, many students came and around 6PM, workers who had already done with their business also came. For the sake of security, there were many policemen around venue.
Then, at 7PM, with Minhyuk’s strong drumbeat, the concert began. They played their debut song “I’m a Loner”and also their new songs from their first album “First Step” like Love Girl, Lie, One Time, Thanks and many more. The fans were fascinated with that. They were evem more excited when “Intuition”was played. The strong guitar sound and drum beats heated up the atmosphere of the venue even more.
At the end of this event, They played songs that were composed by Yonghwa. Like ‘Ready n Go”. All members looked satisfoed with their smiling faces. Jonghyun said “I won’t forget this stage and this performance. Even though there had been problems coming up until the album was released but it will become our strength for us to grow better later. I want to do guerilla live like this once more”.
Q”So far, it seems like your image has changed a lot…”
JS : So far, I think my smart image has changed, on this album we work hard to show you our manly side. Our hair styles have changed too. We did them for every apparition.
YH : I’m on diet. If I see television, it looks like that I am a bit swollen. I lost 8-9kg in a month.
Q : You’re a band but you don’t like being called as an idol group.
JH : We do activity as band group. There’s no thought other than that. Right from the beginning, we have been carrying out activities while maintaining our band pride.
Q : what is the most attractive part in this album?
YH : Most of the songs in this album are made by us. We want Korea fans to listen to it so we included that. The title of this album is “First Step” means our first step forward as musician. It’s an album that has become very big and important in the stages of our music.
Q : In accordance with the previous comment, most of the music production in your album was done by yourselves, but from where you gain the inspirations?”
JH : Our schedule is busy, not many songs talk about my experience. Songs that are composed by me are similar to jpop style. Actually, most of them are inspired by Japanese dramas and movies, for example, the drama “Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu” and “Sunao ni Narenakute”.
YH : As much as possible, I write what I feel in the songs I compose.
Q : What’s the reason of choosing ‘Intuition’ as the title song ?
YH : Because the melody sound like that, it’s a easy listening song for everyone. When you listen this song, it contains DJ’;s mixing.In this album, there are various genres of music . I think it’s music that the matches with CNBLUE the most.
Q : Do you have any expectations on the title songs?
YH : Of course, I think it’s good. Most of song that were released were composed by us. We want to include al thel song made by us in the next album and make one of them to be the title song.
Q : “There are some opinions that CNBLUE has been overestimated…”
YH : We have just debuted for 1 year. There are still many things we want to show you. We’ll work even harder to do live performance and get appreciation from many people. Now, even though we didn’t get much apprecaitions from many people. we’ll keep defending our music without giving up.
Q: Who’s CNBLUE’s role model?
JH : Bon Jovi and The Rolling Stone. We want to be loved by many people just like them.
Translated by: N @cnbluestorm
Scanned and edited by: Rice @cnbluestorm