Kim HyungJun To Hold His 25th Birthday Party 'Two! Five! Concert'

Singer Kim HyungJun to hold his 25th birthday in 'Two! Five! Concert'

Kim HyungJun will hold his 'Two! Five! Concert' on 3rd of August in Yonsei University 100th Memorial Concert Hall, Seoul.

In commemoration of Kim HyungJun's 25th birthday on 3rd of August, Kim HyungJun have prepared a simple birthday party with his mini concert. Various events, behind-the-scenes videos and etc have been fully arranged so that Kim HyungJun can have a fun birthday party with his fans.

On the other hand, Kim HyungJun will released his first Japanese original single album on the upcoming 27th of July. Additionally, he is also currently preparing for his Asia Tour in HongKong & Taiwan on 17th & 24th of July with 1000 and 2400 seats available respectively.

Source: Newsen
English translation by: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ ¶«·½5AS1)