Krystal's New Ideal Type is Gongyu; "I Love His Eye-Smile"

On yesterday's (July 5) SBS Power FM 107.7MHz "Park SoHyun's Love Game", f(x) was featured as guests. DJ Park SoHyun asked a question about their ideal types, garnering everyone's interest.

Krystal said, "At first Kang DongWon was my ideal type, but now it's Gongyu. Gongyu's really awesome. Especially his eye-smiles, his smiles—I love them."

Amber chose actor JangHyuk as her ideal time. "My Korean isn't good so I watch a lot of dramas in order to improve it. When I was watching a drama, JangHyuk happened to star in it and I thought he was really cool."

Krystal also shared her feelings about her participation in the SBS entertainment program "Kim Yuna's KIss & Cry", "Honestly, I have a good relationship with my parther, DongHoon oppa. But only the scenes of us fighting got broadcasted. Not too long ago, I prepared a cake for DongHoon oppa's birthday; that's how close I am with him. Even though I'm a bit upset when only those scenes get broadcasted, I still feel happy because a lot of people are supporting us as as partners."

Meanwhile, f(x) is currently promoting their follow-up track from their 1st repackaged album, "Hot Summer".

Source: Seoul Newspaper NTN
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