MBLAQ’s Lee Joon talks about his age and honorifics

During MBLAQ’s interview with TVReport, Lee Joon talked about his age in relation to fellow members Seungho and G.O as well as 2PM’s Junsu. Lee Joon mostly explained why he calls all of them hyung (what younger men call older men) despite being a similar age to all three individuals.
Lee Joon was born in February of 1988 while Seungho and G.O were born in October and November respectively of 1987. This would mean that all three of them would be in the same grade and they would’ve been on friendly terms with each other with no such need for honorifics. However despite this, Lee Joon still uses honorifics and calls the other two hyung.
Lee Joon stated with a sigh, “From the very beginning, I’ve created the wrong image.”
Seungho said, “At first, because he called me hyung, I thought that was actually the case and I was his hyung. After later finding out that he was born really early in 1988, I told him there was no need to call me that, but he said he was comfortable with it so we continued our relationship as hyung and dongsaeng.”
Lee Joon replied, “I didn’t know it would turn out like this!”
Seungho continued rather happily, “When we are with the other group members, he sees the damage he’s caused.”
It was also revealed that 2PM’s Junsu is good friends with both Seungho and G.O and despite being born in early 1988 like Lee Joon, Junsu doesn’t call them hyung.
All three of them act like they’re the same age.
G.O elaborated, “Although Lee Joon is friends with him, Seungho and I are also friends with him so Lee Joon has no choice but to call him hyung as well,” which brought much laughter.
Source: TVReport via Nate