Seoul City Co-marketing with SM Entertainment through Kpop Concerts

Seoul City is set to use the hot Korean Wave, which is spreading not only to Japan, China, and Southeastern Asia, but also to Europe, for “Seoul promotion campaign.”
Seoul City announced on 8 July it is planning to start an intensive marketing in Asia by using K-pop singers and Seoul’s attractions.
Seoul City will begin the marketing by promoting Seoul and Korean Wave culture through K-pop Asian tour concerts in China, Taiwan, and an southeastern country in alliance with SM Entertainment.
The “Asian Tour,” starting with SHINee’s concert in Taipei on the 16th of this month, also includes Nanjing in August and a southeastern country later this year. In the concert to be held in a southeastern country, Seoul City is planning to hold a “K-pop cover contest” with a Seoul tour ticket as the reward for the winner.
Seoul City will also hold a “Seoul trip storytelling contest” with the theme “You can be a main character for a Korean Wave drama!” starting from the end of this month and offer the winner a chance to visit Seoul. The winner will be announced at at the end of next month.

Credit: jujugal