'The Star' 2nd anniversary with various artists

'The Star' 2nd anniversary.. Jung Ilwoo, Secret, Infinite, TEEN TOP, etc gathered!

The Quality Entertainment Webzine, 'The Star'(the-star.co.kr) opened a special event for our coming 2nd anniversary on 21st July.

The Star is a joint company of Chosun Ilbo and Digital Chosun Ilbo. The Star has become the center of multimedia news for young generation in their 10s-30s as a celebrity news site with on-site entertainment reviews, personal HD videos of star interviews, etc.


Not only that. Member of 'Secret' called Hyosung and the super hero of drama '49 Days', Jung Ilwoo. They will act as a day reporter for a special HD interview called 'Idol meets idol'. And also the president of 10s generation, who will have their comeback on July. 'TEEN TOP' who's popular for their in-sync choreography will meet The Star for the first time. We are planning to reveal a HD video of them with a their new choreography inside.

Join the event at The Star's site (the-star.co.kr), and the event will end on 17th August.

Source: The Star
Translation: dianapetrina@6TOT