Translation of A Story Behind TVXQ's AnAn Shoot

A cosplay photo session began outside the studio!
When TVXQ noticed that, they………!

The cover of this week’s an an was graced by TVXQ! This was their first appearance on this magazine. Yunho dressed in a gray shirt and Changmin in gray parka smartly. They had an affectionate look in a relaxed atmosphere.

This is a story before the shoot began. When we were waiting for them to change for the shoot, it got noisy outside the building. We looked down from the window and found out that “cosplay geek” girls are having a photo session on the street! The staff members were so excited and gathered at the window, completely ignoring the work, because the girls were wearing unusually designed colorful miniskirts…. At that moment, the two boys came in the studio greeting “I beg your kindness”. When they went in front of the cameras, a staff member said to them “Girls are doing a cosplay photo session out there!”

Yunho and Changmin glanced out the window and murmured “……oh” with a little bit delighted look. I thought inwardly “Not you, too. You are the most clean-cut and likable boys in Asia……..”. But they were different from the staff members. They put an earnest look on their face in a moment and stood in front of the cameras (while all the staff members were still at the window ignoring their work). They are so professional. They are not distracted at all even in such a disorganized atmosphere! During the photo shoot, they were awesome and amazing and made us completely forget the cosplayers.

Please check their photos in an an. They will make your body and soul melt.
Source: From Editor
Translated by: Lisalio @
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