Uee Resembles Jang Hyun Seung From Beast?

While guest starring on today’s episode of ‘GoldFish Radio Star’ Jang Hyun was asked to name the female celebrity people believe he resembles. Without hesitation Jang Hyun stated, “I’ve been told I resemble U-ie“. This statement caused everyone to laugh as they didn’t expect Jang Hyun to mention a woman.
A striking feature both Jang Hyun and U-ie share besides their noses are their crisp round eyes. The MC’s agreed that even though they were different genders there was no denying the two idols facial similarities which caused even more laughter.
This is the second time a member of After School has been linked as the female counterpart to a male celebiry. A few months ago the actor Lee Jong Suk gained attention for his close resemblance to Nana.
Source: Nate
Blurb: ASD