ZE:A Arena37C Special Asian Place 7 Interview

Part 1 - Interview

Let’s start with the day before the ASIA TOUR, I think I want to hear about what are you preparing before the live.
Junyoung: “At the day before, I will pray before I sleep so the stage goes well. After that, I will put spirit in our voice by shouting ‘fighting’.
Minwoo: “We always practice our singing and dancing so it will be okay, but when the things to talk on stage is confirmed, we have to keep reading the script.”

In today’s live, you will do the talk in Japanese, isn’t it?
Junyoung: “Yes. We will do MC-ing in Japanese. We are still inexperienced but there are things that we want to chat (with the audience). Because we want to tell you like this we are trying our best, so even if we make mistakes please watch us with large eyes! (laugh)”

It’s difficult that Leader’s talking part is a lot.
Junyoung: “Ahaha. (laugh). Sure that I have many parts but the other members are trying their best too in practicing Japanese so from now on stage, please look forward for the conversation with the members.

By the way, the person that surpassed Leader’s level in Japanese is?
Kwanghee: “It’s Siwan!”
Siwan: “No, everyone is in the same level but I take more time to practice while reading books, you can say like that………but I’m still not good yet. (laugh)

Then, just before the live, before you go on stage, which moment makes you nervous the most? 
Taehun: “As for me, it’s when the mic attached to my sleeve.” (T/N: when he holds the mic)
Kwanghee: “(In Japanese) Ippai waku waku shimasu (I tremble a lot)”

Kwanghee: “Ah-, my heart is beating fast (laugh)”

I see (laugh). When you’re nervous the person that will have his face changed is?
Kevin: “Isn’t it Dongjun?”
Other members: “Yes! We realized that!!”
Kwanghee: “Siwan is also like that too right? He will have the image of person that is really looking for water.”
Siwan: “Maybe I’m like that (laugh). I have solo violin performance but just before it begins I will be really nervous like that.”
Kevin: “I think it’s Minwoo.”
Minwoo: “It’s shown on my face?”
Kevin: “Your face expression becomes hard. (laugh)”
Hyungshik: I am nervous but I don’t have to try to hide my nervousness. I think I want to show the image of being nervous.”

Heechul are you nervous?
Heechul: “Of course I’m nervous. I am really nervous (laugh). I don’t really laugh a lot and being expressionless instead, but the truth is I am nervous.”

Today when you’re having interview at the meeting hall you must be nervous right? In that sort of time Kwanghee will soften the atmosphere, right?
Kwanghee: “It’s always like that, but there are times when it’s hard to do that (laugh). But because we're able to communicate, it will lead the feeling and the atmosphere will be warm.

So it’s really like that, huh. Well, now I want to ask about the album. Please let me hear the phrase that you like in your song.
Junyoung: “It’s the phrase ‘Special day only for you’ In ‘Special Day’ song. It’s like a confession saying I love you, because everyone loves us the same like we love them. The lyrics contain message like that, so I like it the most.
Taehun: “It’s the phrase ‘You’re the only person in the world, my only lover’ in ‘Special Day’’. Heechul and I made the rap lyrics but it’s one of the phrase that is confined by our feeling.”
Kwanghee: “It’s the refrain part of ‘Here I Am’, I am feeling a really overflowing wish in the ‘For the sake of you until the end of world’ part, so when I sing it too my feeling is risen.
Siwan: “As I thought it’s the ‘Here I Am’ part in ‘Here I Am’. It can’t be removed (laugh). It also contains a message saying that ‘we are here’, The repetitive melody is beautiful, I like it.

So next, is there any situation that is good for listening to ‘Here I Am’.
Kwanghee: “I recommend listening to it before you confess. I think you will understand if you see the PV, there’s one girl who wants to confess but she can’t confess so we bring courage to her.”
Hyungshik: “Because this song also has sad story, I think you should listen when your feeling is like that.”
Kwanghee: “Recently Hyungshik gets into sadness (laugh).”
Hyungshik: “Maybe I like that kind of sadness. (laugh)”
Minwoo: “Isn’t it nice to listen to it when you wake up in the morning? It feels refreshing.”
Kwanghee: “I think it’s nice if you change your morning alarm into ‘Here I am’. (laugh)”

So in what kind of situation is good to listen to ‘Be My Girl’?
Hyungshik: “It is the high song that we took the most participation, it is the song that’s everyone made so I think it’s nice if everyone listen to it in crowd.”
Kevin: “It sketched about the situation where a man wants to approach a girl proactively so isn’t this song is good to listen before you confess?”
Kwanghee: “Please put in fighting spirit when you listen to this song before you make confession.”
Heechul: “Rather than ‘where to listen this song’, it’s a song that you want to keep listening to. When you’re in mobile, when you’re exercising, or even when you’re studying (laugh).”
Minwoo: “I also listened to it when I had my training! (laugh)”

What kind of time is suitable to listen to ‘Again’?
Heechul: “This song is a bit melancholic, I think it’s good to listen to it when you want to boost your feeling. Or when you want your mood becomes like you just went to a club (laugh).”
Kwanghee: “The bass sound is effective, isn’t it.”
Hyungshik: “When you’re dumped by a man too…”
Siwan: “Another sad story huh? (laugh)”
Hyungshik: “(In Japanese) Suimasen! (Excuse me)”
Minwoo: “Listen to it when it’s raining, isn’t it lift up the atmosphere?”

To be particular with this album recording, what do you aware of?
Minwoo: Somehow it’s fun. The songs themselves are pleasant songs so our own feelings have to be enjoy and able to convey that feeling so the recording was fun too.

When you do the recording, who is the person that sings while smiling the most?
Junyoung: “Kwanghee!”
Kwanghee: “That’s right. But opposite of this, it’s hard when we sing sad song. In that kind of time, I turn off the studio light and we sing in the darkness (laugh).”
Taehun: “At this time’s recording, while I confirmed the rap part that I made, we did the recording.”
Kevin: “In this album, we were attached to an American PD so the recording was in American style too… Feeling free; the atmosphere was overflowed by the feeling to work in enjoyment. I think that’s the target in making the musical composition.”
Junyoung: “I think you should listen to the songs in this album in various moods. If we can get together in life I will be very happy!”

Part 2

2011.5.4 Pacific Yokohama National Big Hall
Smiling faces are overflowing. A whole new world artist that is also has idol’s nature.
ZE:A themselves has just begun their very first Asia Tour. The first Japan performance was held in Pacific Yokohama at May 4th. They shown the music from their recent album ‘Here I Am’, and made a huge success in both noon show and night show.

The members projected on a big screen one by one, and from the opposite side of that screen there was a sound of explosion together with the appearance of 9 members. Filled with white psyllium they increased the excitement of the venue, they showed off the first song ‘Be My Girl’ with their crisp dancing. ‘Again’ raised the heat on stage, in front of the wind shrine set, they showed ‘Cute ZE:A’, it’s the opposite with the opening where their facial expression looked very cool and serious. “We haven’t been able to meet you for a while, but we’re happy to be able to meet you now”, said Minwoo. The members were branched into 2 directions, and then they merged again in a skilled formation and happily sang ‘New Star’. In Kevin and Hyungshik’s twin vocal part, the two of them were staring at each other while singing, Heechul’s rap was more enraged, the performance fully showed each of their personalities. Also, when Minwoo break danced in the beginning of ‘Bad-Talk-Sad’, the dynamic dance was fascinating.

“It feels good to sing in front of everyone after a long time!” said Kevin. Each member showed excitement in their facial expressions. From now on in the night show, it’s girl group performance by Heechul, Kwanghee, Siwan and Minwoo. At the second half, they were down to the audience seating and gave flower as present. After that, Kevin and Hyungshik showed ‘Insomnia & Party don’t stop’, followed by ‘Special Day’ that was filled with the feeling towards the fans. This song was arranged in horizontal row, and they sang it one by one. In ‘All Day Long’, Taehun and Kevin were facing each other and singing, Junyoung’s crystal-clear high tone voice was echoing. That night, Siwan’s violin solo performance expanded the excitement, then Heechul and Kevin performed ‘Good Bye’ in the night show. After that, the highlighted part of the show, they did Hip Hop medley and displayed an expanded hanging tatami.

Adorned the final stage was ‘Here I Am’. This intense and lovely coexistence song, is a song that will make audience smile. “I would like to say thank you once again. I want to thank more people.” Said Dongjun. Encore was ‘Love Letter’, overflowed with cuteness, the dance wrapped with warm atmosphere. And then the last song was the well known ‘Mazeltov’. It was an appropriate live performance to put an end to the intense and hot Asia Tour’s beginning.

Source: Arena37C Special Asian Place 7 2011 | Scans by eijisatoshi
Raw Japanese Article by: Kaori
Translation by: fetishoney @EmpireChildren