Dara: "Cheondoong~! You were so handsome so handsome!+.+"

내 가 준 신발을 신고~! 첫무대를 잘마친 천둥이~!!! 멋있다멋있다!+.+ 난 지금 싱가폴~ 멀리있지만 큰누나의 응원은 계속된다!^_^ 히히 싱가폴 처음 와봣는데 분위기가 상당히좋군요!!! 오늘 공연 기대되요~! 첨만나는 싱가폴팬들~! 반가워요~! 기대기대!^.^

He put on the shoes that I gave him~!* and successfully finished his first stage. Cheondoong~!!! You were so handsome so handsome!+.+ I'm really far right now in Singapore~ but your eldest noona is still supporting you!^_^ He he It's my first time coming to Singapore but the environment is quite nice!!! Excited for today's performance~! The Singapore fans that we're meeting for the first time~! Nice to meet you~! Excited excited!^.^

*- lyrics from It Hurts

Source: Dara's me2day
Translated by: GEE @ YGLadies.com