Dara is practicing guitar?

자 유시간의 두번째 코스는~!바로! 기타연습!^_^쉴수도있고 놀수도있었지만 기특한 싼쿠스틱은 기타연습을 택했다.미래의 홍대여신이될 싼쿠스틱..?ㅋㅋ하지만 손이 작고 힘이없어서 소리 내기가 쉽지않다.인상은 뭐어~ㅋㅋ너무 인상썻네!하지만 포기하지말구

The second course of my free time is~! No other than! Guitar practice!^_^ I could have rested or I could have played as well but admirable Ssancoustic has chosen guitar practice. Will Ssancoustic become the Hongdae Goddess of the future..? Ke ke But since my hands are small and I\'m weak, it\'s not easy to get it to make sound. What is my life~ Ke ke What are your impressions~ keke You\'re not impressed are you! However I won\'t give up and I\'ll try to work hard! Fighting!^.^

Source: Dara\'s me2day
Translated by GEE @ygladies