f(x), supported by overseas fans beats Big Bang to No.1 in the '20 's Choice'

Girl group f (x) has gained great popularity in Mnet’s Summer '20 's Choice " Awards.
According to the 4th Mnet ‘20’s Choice' ongoing online Vote f(x) is leading in the 'Hot Trend musicians sector'.

The wave (Halyu) fans around the world participation on the 20’s Choice online voting appears to be massive. f(x) with 46% of the votes have won first place followed by Big Bang.

The United States LA, Singapore, South America, Northern Europe, including overseas fans around the world include in their blogs, and Facebook '20 's Choice' schedule and how to vote, and more Awards categories are announced.
Hallyu fans main interest star with active international activities such as f(x). Kara, CN Blue, and other singers starring in SBS “You’re Beautiful” including Park Shin Hye.

Meanwhile, online voting can be joined till the 6th of July. '20 'S Choice " will be held on the 7th at 18:00 pm in an outdoor pool Seoul, Gwangjang Walkerhill, and will be broadcasted via 6 cable channels. It will also be broadcasted live through youtube videos in 72 countries.

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