Hands Up Thanks To - Junho

Thank you Jesus. To my family who I love, father, mother and always difficultly flying around Nuna, thank you so much for being by my side. Jinyoung hyung who is greater the more I think about it, Wook president who’s like a hyung, Byun Sangbong vice presient who fights with numbers, Jo Haesung director who becomes more cool, Byungi hyung who suffers for good songs, Bongwon hyung, Hana nuna, Yoohee nuna, Junsu hyung, Sungjin hyung, Hyein nuna, Jooyoung nuna, Jisang hyung, Jongsoo hyung, Eunji nuna, Changdae hyung, Tommy, Mr Eunsoo, Mr Woomin, Minjae hyung who always did everything together with us, Jinchul hyung, Taegon hyung, Soohyun hyung, Youngil Hyung, Jooseob hyung, Namyoung hyung, hwayoung nuna, artist team’s Seungwook hyung, Younggeol hyung, Eunok nuna, Yoonjoo nuna, Rayoung nuna, Younggwan hyung, Mr Seoyoon, Heewon nuna, Sunghee nuna, Sanghee nuna, Haejoon hyung, ms Jooyeon, Image repairing Namdong hyung, Jonggyu hyung, Myunghwa nuna, Mr Jungmin, Jaeho hyung who fought with CF’s, Seulgi hyung, Soojung nuna, Where are you Changeun hyung, Sangwon hyung who’s head hurt from dealing with numbers, Hyojung nuna, Youngjoo nuna, Jungeun nuna, Eunkyung nuna, Jaeseo hyung, out of tune Myunghan hyung, Jiyoung nuna who works hard to find rookies, Jungu hyung, Mr Hyunkyung, Ms Narae, Ms Jungeun, Ms Sieun, Jihyung nuna, Gijae hyung, AQ’s Eric too, Hyunsoo hyung, Boram hyung, Jaeho hyung, Sunmi nuna, Mr Haeeun, Mr Jungil, Wooseok hyung who works hard in America, Mr Jinyoung, Myungsoo hyung, Hoyoon hyung who works hard in mixing, and Jaein!
China’s Chulhoon hyung, Let’s do that thing we talked about a lot! Mr Ilgeum, Yoomyo hyung, Mr Jangyeon, our new family in Japan who do everything big, Kazu sang, Karube sang, Fujiwara sang, Isshi sang, Ken sang, we’ll work hard. Jieun nuna who stays in Japan,

-paragraph break-

director we’ll lesson your worries, Gyunghee nuna, Yasu sang, Hayashi sang, Endo sang, Kawai~ kasai sang, cute Namgoong nuna, cool Gyungwook hyung, Izumi sang, Kumi sang, Ichikawa sang, Igarashi sang, Watanabe sang, Tanigawa sang, Hasegawa sang, Jodai sang, Ito Goei sang, thank you for the cool jacket. Jeonho hyung, Sangyeob hyung, Minsun nuna, Jo Soohyun supervisor who repeatedly started conversations and wanted to learn, our wardrobe team representative Park Yoora (now be the representative), always sorry Sooyeon nuna, Jiyoon nuna, Heewon nuna, Woojin, Ms Ji-in, Ms Yujin, boundless ssallong(?)’s Yang Hyungsim representative (elementary school student is sorry), Youngho nuna (be the leader), Myungok nuna (ㅋㅋ) Ara nuna, Jihyun, Hana nuna, Style floor Lim Jinok director~ you always decorated us awesomely so I love you! Body space’s Hwang Jinho hyung, Hyungyu hyung, who these days can’t see acrobatics often, I miss you! There are even more people who helped with this album and other important things. I also will work on a new mindset. Thank you to our Hottest who always back me up when I have a lot of thoughts or feel a little fear. In the fast and perhaps scary world, our real worth which is swept here and there won’t waste away. In this album I even put my name down as a composer^^ And lastly to the members who I always do everything together with, Junsu hyung, Khun hyung, Taecyeon hyung, Wooyoung, Chansung, it seems like we’ve really become family now. For the bigger world, fighting!!

Scan by neru @ W2D
Translated by mcheller @ W2D