INFINITE trashes 30,000 copies of new album due to printing error

INFINITE experienced an unexpected hiccup in their comeback plans, as it’s being reported that they were forced to trash 30,000 copies of their upcoming album due to a printing error.
Fans are highly anticipating the group’s first official album, and are worried that the error will cause a delay in their return.
Woollim Entertainment stated, “INFINITE has poured everything into this album, and so we decided to discard all of the incorrectly printed units in order to release only what we can consider to be perfect. We’re doing our best to keep everything on schedule, but nothing is clear at the moment. We will do everything we can to have the album released on July 21st.”
INFINITE are currently busy with showcases in Japan, and plans to take on both domestic and international schedules simultaneously.
Source & Photo: OSEN via Nate