T-ara retro and Wonder Girls retro concept are different, reason being?

The girl group T-ara, Hyomin the leader expressed the difference between their new song "Roly-Poly" retro concept with other girl groups and said: "We're showing what our parents era looked like and south korean's retro style."

On the 5th July afternoon, at the Japan Tokyo Shibuya AX hall, after T-ara's first showcase has ended Hyomin were interviewed on the retro concept on their latest album.

Hyomin expressed: "The retro concept trend needs a lot of catching up and I believe that most of the girl groups will feel sick and tired of the concept easily, because on how to deal with it and there's also a lot of stress to continue the retro style."

Continuing, Hyomin explained: "Wonder Girls's songs 'Tell Me', 'So Hot', 'nobody' is a fad for retro, SNSD's 'Hoot' was a retro of girls power that has received a lot of love. T-ara must have a completely different retro feel from them."
"Wonder Girls concept is South African, and SNSD's concept is Western retro concept. But for our retro concept, it's really south Korea's retro concept. We really show that what our parent's retro era looked like."

Prior to the conference, The movie "Sunny" has shaken a total of 600 millions viewers and has became a popular movie topic among them, Soyeon represented and said: Indeed the movie "Sunny" was linked to our retro concept, the concept has been thought on long ago but nobody started the process, but it started in the middle of the process, like that the movie has succeeded. I feel very grateful. From the start I'd never think that it could match so well together, I am really grateful. This raise the curiosity of members wanting to watch this movie. For us, will be like an unforgettable and touching movie."

Eunjung expressed: "By looking at our concept will know that we are a mixture of East and West retro. 'Sunny' and John Travolta, "Saturday Night Fever" are all mixed together, wanting to show the retro trend.

In addition the T-ara members said: "We heard that alot of people are loving this concept, especially adults felt the retro feel is there. They shown us alot of love." , "Although In Japan, people are not sure about the retro trends in Korea, but we understand as long as the fans show us a lot of love we are more then happy." "Because showing 'Roly-Roly' instead of 'Bo Peep Bo Peep 2' occurs confusions. We think that will it gain more anticipation?" Expressing the feeling of looking forward.


Source: T-araChina
Credits: bluebearwei / Typhoon @ Diadem