T-ara's "neat diet" managing the body, eat more and exercise more

T-ara revealed their diet to the public.

On 6 July, SBS broadcast "One night TV variety" and introduced T-ara's neat diet, has attracted alot of attentions.

T-ara's secret to diet is to eat happily, by burning a large amount of calories daily. They don't need any special exercise or diet adjustments, just burn a large amount of calories. In short, eat more and exercise more.

If T-ara is using the phone they will walk up and down the stairs or fold the clothes by standing can also burn calories

In addition, T-ara's Hyomin showed the hustle dance by doing the hand pointing out and the little arm twist movement.

T-ara's Boram revealed that before debuting she lost 20kg by doing jump ropes and hula hoop.

Boram explained: "Everyday put more effort to skip 3,000 times or so, do like you are dying soon." For the hula hoops Boram said: "To me body exercise is much easier to slim down then exercising a part of the body, I would be on the hoops for 2 hours."

Skipping not only can burn calories and fats, it also helps to build up the bones.


Source: T-araChina
Credits: Typhoon @ Diadem