Wild Enthusiasm of 5000 Peoples at the Charity Event, CNBLUE on TV Station Vol. 15

Wild Enthusiasm of 5000 Peoples at the Charity Event
Korean popular band CNBLUE held charity event on 3rd June with their fans. It’s been long time after their last visit to Japan. They attended the press conference event with reporters, shared their passion and smile before the event start. At the charity event, in front of around 5000 fans, they did performance of their big hit songs from their first album “First Step”, include “Intuition” and “Love Girl”. Along with the fans, they got enthusiast, and the hall got more excited. At the talk show after live performance, there’s a question corner and present raffle section. Fans look were so happy. CNBLUE talked about the big earthquake in Japan, Yonghwa said “sorry for not being at your side at that hard time. But, we send message through our songs to support everyone.” And all in hall give big applause. At the end they promised to come again, “soon lets we meet again.” Then, the event ended by closing curtain.
Member comments:
Now, I and Minhyuk are filming drama in Korea. After it ends, I want to go to Japan and do performance. Then, I want to eat yakiniku in JapanYonghwa
I’m the tallest member and very good at entertaining people. If I get holiday this summer, I want to go to the sea, fishing and take a boatJungshin
When I’m in Japan, I always enjoy eat gyudon (rice covered with beef and vegetable). I also want to eat another delicious japanese foods. I can eat all I can on one day, hahaJonghyun
It’s been a long time came to Japan, I feel nervous. But very happy can meet all fans here. Now, I took challenge in drama. I’ll work hard learn about actingMinhyuk
Scan by @lykochan
Translated by N @ cnbluestorm