Soyeon’s selca, flawless!

T-ara’s Soyeon revealed a picture of herself taken in Japan.
On the 12th Soyeon tweeted a picture with the title “Please respect and don’t hurt. I’ll teach them a lesson! This is a picture from Japan.”
In the picture, Soyeon is wearing in blue and her hair is half-tied which brings a natural look.
Previously, Soyeon tweeted a picture on the 11th with the comment “T-ara’s shooting pictorials. It’s raining since morning.” She is making a ‘v’ with her fingers and the picture drew fans’ attention.
Netizens comment: “You’re really cute.” “You look so pretty in every picture you take. How do you do that?”
The group T-ara is actively performing its new song “Roly Poly”
Source Nate
Translated: Hanna @