ZE:A shows off newest gifts from their fans, “We are Dokgo Jin!”

ZE:A members have been busy flaunting fan presents through their Me2days.
They wrote, “We’ve beaten Dokgo Jin! We’re the new models of Vitamin Water. There are nine different versions. ZE:A’STYLE is the best!
Dokgo Jin is the name of actor Cha Seungwon’s character from recent hit drama, The Greatest Love.” In the drama, Dokgo Jin is a very popular celebrity and an official spokesperson for Vitamin Water. His image is prominently featured on Vitamin Water bottles in nearly every episode.
ZE:A’STYLE, ZE:A’s official fanclub, created special labels of Vitamin Water, replicating the Dokgo Jin bottles, for the group. With the present they write, “Who says only Dokgo Jin can be the model for Vitamin Water? You guys are Dokgo Jin to us! Drink a lot of this Vitamin Water filled with the greatest love.”
The photos showed each member proudly holding his respective bottle with bright smiles on their faces. They said, “Thanks to the fans who shared this one-of-a-kind ZE:A Vitamin Water for our comeback.
Fans commented, “They all look so tasty”, ”ZE:A’STYLE really is the best“, “Congratulations on your comeback“, and “Your performance was amazing”.
ZE:A performed “Watch Out” and “Heart For 2” on their SBSInkigayocomeback stage for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic celebratory episode.
Source: Star News via Nate