ZE:A’s Kwanghee and Dongjun dress up as Pokemon for radio interview

ZE:A members Kwanghee and Dongjun showed their adorable sides by wearing animal/Pokemon pajamas to a radio interview.
On July 7th, the members updated their me2day account saying, “Catch us on ‘Young’s‘, guess who these two are?” and uploaded a picture of the backside of two members dressed in animal pajamas.
ZE:A later followed up on their first post with “Animal clothing feature, it’s Kwanghee’s idea! In a little bit, at 12-o-clock, we’ll reveal our single album ‘Watch Out“.
Upon seeing the pictures, netizens commented, “You guys are cuter than Pikachu” and “please wear these onstage“.
Source & Photo: Star News via Nate