Hands Up Thanks To - Wooyoung

The family I love, the friends I miss, the teachers I respect. Jinyoungie hyung who I respect, President Jeongok, Vice-president Byeon Sangbong, Director Jo Haesung, creative team fighting!! Byeonggi hyung, as days go by, the anticipated talent, Bongwonie hyung, for some reason cool Hana nuna who is like me, beauty Yoohee nuna, you have to be happy forever Junsu hyung!!, Sungjinie hyung who for some reason knows a lot, pretty smile Hyein nuna, complaining is nagging keke Namyongie hyung, let's hurry up and practice!! Hwayoung nuna, publishing Im Juyoung-nim, Jisangie hyung who is always kind to us, Jongsu hyung I'll wait for the next song, nuna too~ keke Eunji nuna, this generation's true artist Changdae hyung, Tommy, Kim Eunsu-nim, Lee Woomin-nim, Artist1 team team leader No Seungok, cool Yeonggulie hyung, hurry!! I want to see your baby Juseopie hyung!!, if you become slender I'll definitely buy it Eunok nuna!!, Yoonju nuna, Rayoung nuna who likes alcohol!!, now think of being healthy and throw away the cigarettes Jincheolie hyung!!, wherever you go, our brother~ Minjae hyung, Yongkwonie hyung, Taegonie hyung who never stops smiling!!, thank you for believing in us and running along with us, Youngilie hyung!!, Jang Seoyoon-nim, Artist2 team Heewon nuna, Seonghee nuna, Sanghee nuna, Soohyunie hyung who is like a bright encyclopedia!!, Haejoonie hyung, Juyeon nuna, Young Samgtim hyung~ I miss you Namdonie hyung, Jonggyu hyung, doll-like Myunghwa nuna who knows us better than anyone else, Son Jeongmin-nim of the business team, I'll always look forward to it Jaeho hyung!!, Cheongeunie hyung, red lipstick... Sujeong nuna, fighting!! Seulgi hyung, management support team team leader Jeong Sangwon, Hyojeong nuna, Yeongju nuna, Jeongeun nuna, Eunkyeong nuna, Jaeseo hyung, Myonghanie hyung, new to development team Jiyoung nuna, Jungu hyung, Kim Hyunkyeong-nim, Kim Narae nim, Kim Jeongeun-nim, Lee Shiwon-nim, Jihyung nuna, Kijae hyung, AQ Representative Du Hyunsu, Boramie hyung, Jaeho hyung, Sunmi nuna, Jung Haeeun-nim, Jung Jungil-nim, JYPUSA Wooseokie hyung, Jinyoungie hyung, Myungsu-hyung, Moon Hoyoon-nim, Jaein nuna, JYP CHINA Hyung, come to Korea to play often~ Chulhoonie hyung, Ilgeumie hyung, we match well keke Myo hyung, Jangyeon nuna, JYP JAPAN Jieun nuna, Namgong nuna, Kyongokie hyung, Jung Kyeonghee-nim, YASU san, Hayashi san, Endo san, Kasai san, Izumi san, Kumi san, Ichikawa san, Igarashi san, Watanabe san, Tanigawa san, Hasegawa san, Jodai san. Really! Acknowledgement!!! Jeonho hyung!!, bobbed hair matches you Sangyeopie hyung!, the cutest in the world Director Gong, chic and scary, but seriously like a pro Director Jo Suhyun!! Clothing team: heheh beautiful Director Yoora, Okay~ let's all become skinny Suhyun nuna, Jiyoon nuna, Heewon nuna, if you jump higher it would be great Woojinie, Jiinie, Yoojinie. Hair and Makeup team: You were a goddess then Representative Hyungshin, Youngho nuna who is getting prettier as the days go by, Myungok nuna who coordinates us nicely~, it's nice seeing you laugh and have fun compared to the past Ara nuna, always showing me you studying, Hana nuna, kekeke take care of me well Jiyeonie. Style Flow Chief Im Jinok and the pretty workers, Hoongyu hyung, let's exercise!! Jinho hyung, Junho hyung, Hyunggwangie hyung, Taewoo hyung, Seongho hyung, Sujin nuna, dorm auntie who makes yummy food every day, and ONE WAY who I really listen to every day!! Mikey hyung, hehe heh heh Woosun-nim, JYP family who I love, HOTTEST ♡ who I treasure the most, and our members who are always beside me ^^... Other than that, everyone who has always supported and loved 2PM, I really want to thank you sincerely.

Scan by neru @ W2D
Translated by khy127 @ W2D
May be taken out with credits.