SNSD Yoona’s Bubbly Personality impresses Staff !

SNSD’s Yoona was recently in a shooting session for a new water purifier CF, in which she showed her pure charms.
On the 2nd of March, the internet’s celebrity news pages were filled with news of“SoShi Yoona in Woongjin CoWay CF”, showing a picture of Yoona smiling brightly. Yoona is shown wearing only a t-shirt with her hair loosely tied into a ponytail, showing a clean, girl-like image. The staff recording the CF are shown wearing impressed expressions at her bubbly personality, despite the cold [wearing a t-shirt in the winter]. 
Fans commented with, “Yoona unnie works so hard!”, “It must be so cold wearing a t-shirt, but she’s trying so hard to do her best. Fighting!” and more, all of them praising her on her determination to do her best in the CF shoot.
Yoona and SNSD were signed as CF models for Woongjin CoWay, and in mid-March the CF will begin broadcasting on TV officially.
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Translated by ilysmtown @ SMTownJjang