2NE1’s Dara shows off her new kicks from Jeremy Scott

On July 11th, 2NE1’s Dara shared the above photo through her Me2day saying, “For the past two years, my most adored item was Jeremy oppa’s winged sneakers. I wore them so often that people had to tell me to change my shoes.”
She continued, “And now finally, these new bones sneakers have arrived. I think I’ve worn them everyday since I’ve received them. Although these are also from Jeremy oppa’s line, I apologize to my winged sneakers! Anyways, my cute bones shoes, welcome to ssan-bunny world! You have my full approval.”
In the photo, Dara is seen posing shyly as she shows off her eye-catching ‘Adidas Original Jeremy Scott’s Bones sneakers’.
Fans left comments like, “Those shoes are too cute!” and “They look really good on you“.

Source + Photo: Star News via Nate