MBLAQ’s Seungho, “I wish I could go on dates”

MBLAQ’s Seungho recently admitted that he wants to go on dates.
In an interview with TV Report, the idol group was asked about the difficulties in being a celebrity. Seungho responded, “There’s a saying that you can only get into Seoul University if you sleep just four hours a day and spend the rest of it studying. Truth is, there’s no way you can live a normal life on only four hours of sleep,” explaining just how tiring their busy schedules are. He added, “Even when we have the occasional day off, it feels like such a waste to actually rest that we end up working anyway.”
The reporter asked, “Do you ever go on dates on your days off?” to which Seungho replied, “I’m 25 years old. Dating girls should be top priority in my mind at this age and I wish I could go on dates, but I’m honestly so busy that I don’t even have time to think about stuff like that. I’m currently happy just with the love that I’m receiving from fans.”
Also during the interview, member Lee Joon joked that he’s most worried about getting tan lines on his back. “Tanning is Joon’s biggest stress,” Seungho said. “He always asks me if his tan is fading.”
MBLAQ’s newest single and MV, “Mona Lisa“, was released earlier today, so make sure you check out the results of the boys’ hard work!
Source & Photo: TVReport via Nate