KARA sets another Oricon record with “Go Go Summer”

Girl group KARA has set yet another milestone for themselves in Japan!
KARA’s fourth Japanese single, “Go Go Summer“, has sold 114,000 copies during its first week of release. As of July 11th, it’s in second place on the Oricon Weekly Chart.
“Go Go Summer” is KARA’s second single to sell over 100,000 copies during its first week, following their third single, “Jet Coaster Love“, which sold 123,000 copies during its first week.
This is a first for any foreign female artist in the Oricon Singles rankings.
With this new addition to their growing list of accomplishments, KARA’s “Mister“, “Jumping“, “Jet Coster Love”, and “Go Go Summer” have all made it to the top five in the Oricon rankings chart.
Source: Star News via Nate