T-ara's 'Roly Poly' MV Part 2 Dominates Video Sites Instantly

T-ara's 'Roly Poly' MV Part 2 shows that they are really popular.

On July 11th, at 1PM the 2nd Part to T-ara's 'Roly-Poly' music video was released and topped GomTV's real time music video chart.

Moreover, the 1st Part received over 1.5 million views on GomTV, topping their weekly charts as well.

Both parts of the MV were directed by Cha Euntaek. The first part in the style of a mini-drama, and the second T-ara being on different types of stages/sets.

After releasing 2 different shots, in the music and making form, fans from 40 different countries have watched "Roly-Poly" and have shown a lot of love over YouTube. The have danced the choreography and added it into the ending of the video to show their thankfulness for them.

"After seeing foreign fans following the choreography to Roly Poly at the end of the MV, it really put a smile on my face," said some fans, "Everyone enjoys Roly Poly", "The last part was really great, it was nice to watch".

Source: http://news.nate.com.../20110712n16983
Written by: Park Geonwook
Translated by: Elly@Diadem