ZE:A’s Dongjun reveals his exercise regime

On the July 13th episode of MBC’s “One Night of TV Entertainment”, ZE:A’s diet plan and CrossFit Training was revealed. ZE:A’s Dongjun received much attention after revealing his perfect abs, and it turned out that he formed his abs through this CrossFit Training.
It’s well known that the actors from the movie “300″ along with Hallyu star Rain formed their bodies through CrossFit training. CrossFit Training is a very effective full body workout that only takes around 20~30 minutes but during that time it’s a very intensive workout with no breaks throughout the session.
The first exercise introduced was the ‘rope wave’, in which you lower your body, keeping your back straight, and hit the floor while making waves with a rope. Dongjun explained, “This is the biggest exercise in that you exercise your physical strength, endurance, and core strength”.

The second exercise was Tabata training, building your abs with sit-ups using equipment. Dongjun explained, “the equipment allows you to only focus on your abs”. Tabata Squats are known to increase your lung capacity and muscular endurance. The exercise includes 8-sets in which you exercise for 20 seconds, and rest for 10 seconds.
Dongjun explained, “the exercise helps in building your upper, lower, and even side abdomens”.
Taehun commented, “I lost exactly 10 kilograms (22 pounds) in 2 months”, introducing the Kettlebell exercise. The Kettlebell exercise is 5-sets of swinging a 10 kilogram (22 pound) dumbbell for 20~30 seconds, which focuses on working your lower back.
Source: newsen via Nate