4Minute’s Ji Yoon and Hyun Ah are playing: Whose mouth is bigger?

On an online community board, a picture was uploaded with the title of “Ji Yoon vs. Hyun Ah, who has bigger mouth?”
The picture was captured from the episode of SBS’s Challenge! 1000 songs in which singer Oh Seung Keun is singing. In the background, Ji Yoon and Hyun Ah are opening their mouths widely to see who has bigger mouth.
This picture made netizens laugh, and they commented: “I can tell the cameraman is a guy since he caught this scene.” “They are so cute. Best wishes to Ji Yoon in Immortal Classics and Hyun Ah with her new song ‘Bubble Pop’!” “Well, Hyun Ah has bigger mouth.” “But it’s rude. Someone’s singing.”
When Oh Seong Keun successfully sang the song “That Thing Called Love,” Hyun Ah said, “I wish you were my dad.”
Ji Yoon is leading the way in KBS’s Immortal Classics 2, and Hyun Ah is earning the title as “Hyo Ri no. 2” with her song “Bubble Pop.”
Source Nate by Hanna@Korea.com